Honda CBR900 Fireblade Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

The Honda CBR900 Fireblade was released into the UK in 1992. The original Fireblade weighed in at 185 kg with an 893 cc in line four cylinder four stroke engine and soon gained a reputation for its sharp handling and all round useability. In 1993 the Legendary Urban Tiger colour scheme was introduced with major changes to the engine (918cc) and suspension in 1995. In 2000 the CBR 900 Firebade had a full revamp on the engine, becoming fuel injected and the engine capacity increasing to 929 cc, and a 17 inch front wheel was finally fitted.The last CBR 900 Fireblade rolled off the production line in late 2003 with a 954 cc engine as was fitted in 2002 and was a fitting tribute to Tadao Baba the designer and creator of the Iconic Firebade who retired in this same year.

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