TFL Cool System Technology


Black leather and black textile garments are synonymous with motorcycle clothing. But there’s a problem – and it has to do with the colour. Black fabric gets incredibly warm in the sun. Or rather, it used to.


TFL Cool System® is a revolutionary innovation which means black leather or textiles treated with the method absorb no more heat than any light-coloured material!
This is ultra-modern technology of the highest level. In layman’s terms, light is electromagnetic radiation of various wavelengths. Humans can see only a fraction of this spectrum, which we interpret as colour. High-energy light, which produces the most heat, has a specific frequency range that we humans cannot see.
TFL Cool System® is a treatment performed during tanning and dyeing that prevents the material from absorbing this warmer light. Light-coloured clothes do this naturally. This can produce a temperature reduction in the surface material of up to 20 °C. Textile materials treated with TFL Cool System® reflect up to 80 per cent of this heat radiation. A cool solution combining technology and magic.