Silkolene Chain Lube 500ml


Silkolene Chain Lube, in a 500ml aerosol, is a semi synthetic chain lubricant for motorcycle drive chains and sprockets designed for both road and off road motorcycles.


This Silkolene Chain Lube 500ml aerosol, is very viscose on application to penetrate the load surfaces and internals of the drive chain links which once dried to a tackier consistency offers superb lubrication and anti corrosion properties. This Silkolene Semi-Synthetic Chain Oil and Lubricant is suitable for O-Ring, X-Ring and standard chains. Silkolene advise applying the chain lube after a run, whilst the chain is warm, and allowing the solvents to evaporate.
For best results; clean the chain and sprockets with Silkolene Brake and Chain Cleaner prior to application.