Motorcycle Oil Drain Pan 10 Litre

£17.99 £9.99

The Motorcycle Oil Drain Pan 10 Litre is slimline, easy to use and holds up to 10 Litres of Oil, Coolant etc. The high density polyethylene is robust and resistant to most chemicals, solvents and hot engine oil.


This Motorcycle Oil Drain Pan 10 Litre has a shallow draft enabling it to fit neatly under a motorcycles sump or belly pan enabling the sump plug, oil and the oil filter to be removed. This draining pan can also be used to drain various systems including the radiator and cooling system, drive shaft systems and braking systems and is easy to clean after use. The flat bottom makes it sturdy and easy to remove from under the motorcycle, the two front grab handles and the rear handle make it easy to carry, the rolled top prevents spillage and the directional spout allows easy emptying. The ribbed base offers rigidity and holds any heavy contaminates, which are easier to see, when pouring the old oil away. An extensive range of Silkolene Motorcycle Oils and Genuine Motorcycle Oil Filters are available.


Benefits and features of this Motorcycle Oil Drain Pan 10 Litre includes;


  • 10 Litre capacity
  • Rolled edges to prevent spillage
  • front and rear carrying handles
  • Integral pouring spout
  • Shallow depth, ideal for placing under motorcycle oil sumps
  • Made from high density Polyethylene with UV stabiliser
  • Stays rigid even when draining hot oil or coolant
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and solvents
  • Easy to clean

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