Givi TM418 Handle Bar Motorcycle Gloves


These Givi TM418 Handle Bar Motorcycle Gloves are designed to keep your hands warm and dry during the cold and wet winter months around urban areas or out on the motorway, they have rigid design which they will not collapse under higher motorway speeds, and the Givi TM418’s are easy to fit within a few moments.


The Givi TM418 Handle Bar Motorcycle Gloves are made from a Polyester construction which are also water resistant, these gloves are ideal for both scooters and motorcycles with a universal fitment. These gloves help to improve comfort and enjoyment of riding motorcycles during the colder months or while it is raining, the soft inner lining provides extra warmth and the water resistant material disperses water leaving your hands dryer than they would be if you only wore regular motorcycle gloves. The Givi TM418 easily fits over the motorcycle controls with the elasticated drawstring cuffs, an adjustable retaining strap is provided to link the two handle bar gloves around the handlebars.


Benefits and features of the Givi TM418 Handle Bar Motorcycle Gloves include;

  • Water-resistant Polyester construction
  • Perfect for scooters and motorcycles
  • Partly rigid design for ease of access to controls
  • Elasticated and drawstring cuff for a snug handlebar fit
  • Soft inner lining
  • Lambkin lining at the hand opening
  • Universal design fits the majority of motorcycles
  • Fitting instructions included





Please note to always wear your regular motorcycle gloves while using the Givi TM418 as these will not offer you the same level of protection as regular gloves do.