Givi PLO5137MK Monokey Pannier Holders BMW F900 XR 2020 on

£307.00 £276.30

The Givi PLO5137MK Monokey Pannier Holders are specific to the BMW F900 XR 2020 on models which enable easy fitting and removing of various Givi Monokey Panniers.


This Givi PLO5137MK Monokey Pannier Holders BMW F900 XR 2020 on models are designed to accept traditional Givi Monokey Panniers and can be fitted in on their own or in combination with either the Givi 5137FZ Monorack Arms BMW F900 XR 2020 on or the Givi SRA5137 Monokey Rear Rack BMW F900 XR 2020 on (for fitting to the BMW standard Rear Rack). The Givi PLO5137MK is part of the latest generation of Givi Pannier Holders called PL-ONE-FIT which is made from a motorcycle specific base pannier holder kit fitted with a Givi OFMK Kit which enables the pannier holders to be converted into Givi Monokey Pannier Holders. By removing the OFMK Kit these pannier holders can be left blank to enable more traditional throw over or soft panniers to be fitted or converted using a Givi OFCAM Monokey CAM-SIDE Kit which will enable a variety of Givi Trekker Outback Panniers to be fitted. For greater rigidity, wear resistance and rigidity the Givi PLO, PL ONE-FIT, system is made from 18 mm steel compared to its predecessor which was 16 mm. Although the standard exhaust is fitted to the right hand side these pannier rails do not need to be offset so both the left and right side panniers can be the same size for example the Givi TRK35N Trekker 2 35 Litre Monokey Panniers Aluminium Pair (also available in black) or the lighter Givi WL900 Weightless Monokey 25 Litre Panniers are ideal.

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