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Motorcycle Servicing

Keep your servicing bills up to date

When you have a service at a dealers ask for the ‘job sheet’ relating to the work done. A stamp in a book is just a stamp. When you do the next service, maybe at another dealer, either you or they will know what has been done. If you sell the bike it looks so much better to have service bills rather than ‘stamps’.

Julian: Freelance


It’s the only thing driving the rear wheel forward! A snapped chain due to poor maintenance is not funny and it could be dangerous. Lubricate regularly every 200 miles or so, even if it’s been raining! Use a good lube, adjust in accordance with the hand book and keep an eye on the wear of the sprockets. If you can’t do it….learn, or get someone who can!

Trev: Ace Moto Training

Spring check over

After a long standing (e.g. over winter) there are many things to consider. Your handbook should guide you and you should take into consideration the suitable condition of; brakes, battery, fuel, lights, chain & sprockets, tyres & pressures, fork seals, oil, coolant etc.

Julian: Freelance