Suzuki RF600 and RF900 Motorcycles

Suzuki RF600 and RF900 Motorcycles Parts and Accessories specifically designed these models.

The Suzuki RF600 was launched in1993 as the RF600 RP with its unique ‘fully wrapped’ fairing. The RF600 was sport orientated and styled with low race handlebars and seating position. The RF600 finished production in 1997 as the RF600 RV. The Suzuki RF900 started life in 1994 as the RF900RR and was deemed as the Fireblade Beater with 125 bhp. The Large and Flared tailpiece of the RF900 was unique and in 1995 the RF900 was fitted with adjustable preload front forks. The last RF900 was produced in 1999 as the RF900FW.

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