Wurth Motorcycle Chain Wax Spray 500ml


Wurth Motorcycle Chain Wax, in a 500ml Aerosol, is a semi-transparent wax lubricant. Its special formulation allows an instant coat of wax to be applied on to all chain linkages and rollers quickly and conveniently.


Wurth advise the Wurth Motorcycle Chain Wax Spray 500ml, to be applied directly after a journey whilst the chain is still warm to allow the lube to penetrate the chain and rollers. The Wax takes about 15 minutes to go Dry. The chain should be dry and clean before application. Wurth recommend applying their Brake and chain cleaner prior to use especially if old chain lube or heavy deposits are present.

Benefits and Features of the Wurth Motorcycle Chain Wax Spray 500ml include;

  • No ejection of the lubricant for fast rotating parts
  • Safe lubrication at high loads
  • Reduces build-up of dirt
  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • Lubricates hard-to-reach places
  • Compatible with plastic and painted surfaces
  • Free from silicones, acids and resin