Threebond TB1324 Medium Strength Threadlock 10g


Threebond TB1324 Medium Strength Thread lock, in a 10g tube, is a temporary bonding and sealing adhesive with excellent resistance to vibration, heat and corrosion.

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This TB1324 Threadlocker, replaces Threebond TB1333 Medium Threadlock, is anaerobic and ideal for penetrating narrow gaps in metal components preventing nuts, bolts, studs and bearings from working loose and leaking. Apply to both mating surfaces and allow between 30 minutes and 3 hours to cure depending on temperature and application.

Benefits and features of Threebond TB1324 Threadlock includes;

  • Low viscosity. 
  • Semi-permanent fixing of bolts, studs, nuts and screws. 
  • Inhibits the development of corrosion and leaks and are not effected by oils, salt water, various gases or organic solvents.