Silkolene Comp 4 10W 40 XP Motorcycle Engine Oil 4L


Silkolene Comp 4 10W 40 XP Motorcycle Engine Oil, in 4 Litres, is the most popular four stroke Oil for a majority of road going Motorcycles. This latest Silkolene Oil, with its new labelling from early 2015, has been reformulated using XP Technology to give increases in fuel economy and power to meet the demands of road, touring and track use.


This Silkolene Comp 4 10W 40 XP Motorcycle Engine Oil 4L bottle, is an ester based 4-stroke engine oil with XP Technology to give exceptional stay-in-grade formula that protects engines and transmissions as well as combating wear and friction on all critical load surfaces, even at high temperatures and during cold starts. Formulated to meet the requirements of both air and water cooled 4-stroke engines this widely recommended SAE 10W-40 viscosity range ensures reliable winter and summer use with easy starting and rapid warm up, whilst providing vital anti-wear protection during the cold start phase.Silkolene Comp 4 (originally known as Silkolene Competition 4)  is the recommended SAE grade for many motorcycle manufacturers giving up to 11% fuel savings, up to 18% lower oil consumption and up to 3% improved power.