SDoc100 Dry Lube Chain Spray 400ml


Sdoc100 Chain Spray, in a 400ml Aerosol, is a dry and Clear Motorcycle Chain Lubricant designed for even better adhesion whilst offering excellent penetration on application to the chain centre rollers and links. SDoc100 Dry Motorcycle Chain lube is highly resistant to wash off from rain and is O-Ring, X-Ring and Z-Ring friendly.


This Sdoc100 dry lube is a Dry Motorcycle Chain lubricant, in a 400ml aerosol, ideally suited to touring and everyday use.


Benefits and Features of this 400ml Motorcycle Chain Spray includes;

  • New improved formula with an adhesion enhancer
  • Excellent penetrating performance
  • Contains PTFE for reduced friction
  • Transparent, ideal for gold chains
  • Optimum Lubrication qualities for extended chain and sprocket life
  • Ideally suited for a wide temperature rang of -30 to +100 degrees centigrade
  • Will refill the 75ml SDoc100 White Chain Spray aerosol can