Scottoiler Scottoil Traditional Blue 500ml Refill


Scottoiler Scottoil, in a 500ml bottle, is a refill for all Scottoiler Chain Lubrication systems. This Blue traditional Scottoil is designed to work in ambient temperatures ranging from approximately 0 to 30 degrees centigrade.

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Scottoiler Scottoil Traditional Blue 500ml Refill, when used in a Scottoiler, is designed to reduce wear by continually removing heat and lubricating each roller individually. Ideal for touring and everyday use where it is impractical to use a traditional chain lube, eg where there is no centre stand, wet conditions and for longer journeys. Please note that the Scottoiler Filling and Priming Spout is available separately.


Benefits and Features of the Scottoil Traditional Blue 500ml Refill;

  • Scottoiler Blue Oil is the first, traditional Scottoil
  • 500ml is enough for 10,000miles of riding
  • It should be used in average daily temperatures of 0-30°C (32°F-86°F)
  • Your choice of oil depends on the general riding temperatures you usually experience
  • Suitable for most European countries and North America