Scottoiler FS365 Corrosion Protector 1litre


Scottoiler FS365 Motorcycle Corrosion Protector, in a 1litre spray, designed to neutralise corrosion caused by road salt and water. Easily applied after washing using the handy trigger, which is included, and then left to naturally air dry. FS 365 is a solution of water, mineral oils, pH buffers and is slightly alkaline which will penetrate even very small gaps and when left to dry, i.e. the water content has evaporated, to leave a protective film on all surfaces that builds up after each application.


Scottoiler FS365 Corrosion Protector 1litre, a complete bike protector spray is the award-winning spray-on solution from Scottoiler, specially formulated to stop corrosion and make cleaning and maintaining your pride and joy super easy.


Benefits and features of the Scottoiler FS365 Corrosion Protector 1litre;

  • Water-based corrosion inhibitor.
  • The water content carries it to all the hard to reach places on the bike.
  • The water content evaporates leaving a film of protection on all surfaces.
  • Formulated using mild alkalis and PH buffers that work to balance out the acidic elements.
  • Continued use makes cleaning the bike easier and builds up a layer of protection.