R&G Offset Paddock Stand Bobbins Honda CRF250L 2013 on


R&G Offset Paddock Stand Bobbins, or R&G Cotton Reels as they are also known as, are designed to fit the Honda CRF250L, 2013 models and onwards. The Bobbins screw into the black spindle plates, which are included, on each side of the swinging arm allowing a rear fork type paddock stand to be used so that the back of the motorcycle can be lifted free of the ground safely and sturdily.


These R & G Paddock Stand Bobbins are suitable for the Honda CRF250L/CRF250M ’13- and CRF250 Rally ’17-. These Cotton Reels mount into a specially designed block, replacing the original chain adjuster blocks. The product gives protection to the swingarm, rear disc and chain areas. Also, the bike can be lifted on the Cotton Reels, using a paddock stand with hooks (suggest R&G code SH0001) to perform maintenance and cleaning.