Pinlock Protectint Light Reactive Anti Fog Visor insert for Arai SAI Type Visors


Pinlock Protectint Visor insert is designed to be anti fog and darken in direct sunlight. Pinlock Protectint Light Reactive Antifog Visor insert is designed to fit into all Arai SAI-Type Pinlocked Visors such as the Arai RX7GP and Quantum Motorcycle Helmets. This Pinlock Protectint includes a Pinlock polishing cloth and clear storage wallet.


This Pinlock Protectint Visor insert is clear for night,or poor light conditions, and darkens in UV Light such as Sunlight. Pinlock Protectint Visor inserts have the added benefit of being Anti fog. The darkening of the Visor insert takes up to 1 minute, behind the visor, and a little longer to clear depending upon UV and temperature. Protectint Visor inserts, by Pinlock, are easily put into position and are removed for cleaning or replacement. Protectint Visor Insertsare held in place by the two Eccentric Pinlock Adjusters that are on the inside of the SAI Type Pinlocked Visors on more recent arai Motorcycle Helmet models. The Visor insert is cushioned against the visor with a silicone Gell seam that runs all the way around the Visor Insert. This has several advantages in that the air gap formed evens out the temperature differences, dirt and debris doesn’t form on the inside of the visor and the visor insert can easily be removed for cleaning and replaced. This Pinlock Protectint Visor insert can be cleaned with the Pinlock cleaning cloth and for a more thorough clean please refer to the manufacturers instructions, which are included.

This Pinlock Protectint Antifog Light Reactive Visor Insert is designed Specifically for Arai Pinlock ready SAI Type Visors which are fitted onto;

Arai RX7GP (2009 onwards)

Arai Quantum (2009 on but not Quantum E/F) Motorcycle Helmets

Arai Chaser V

Arai Axces 2

Arai Rebel