Nikwax TX Direct Wash In 1 Litre


Nikwax TX.Direct Wash in, in a 1 Litre bottle, is a high performance wash-in waterproof treatment for wet weather clothing. Nikwax TX Direct adds Durable Water Repellency (DWR) and and revives breathability once washed in a washing machine. Nikwax is ideal for technical membranes and is recommended by Goretex.


This Nikwax Wash in treatment is designed to work when it is air dried, Do not tumble dry.

Benefits and features of this Nikwax TX.Direct Wash In includes;
  • Waterproofs the garment whist maintaining breathability
  • Easy to use, place into the washing machine and add treatment
  • Treats the whole garment including seams, tapes and joints
  • Leaves a flexible water repellent treatment
  • Ideal for highly technical membranes and fabrics including Goretex