R&G Paddock Stand Bobbins for Kawasaki ZXR400


R&G Paddock Stand Bobbins, or R&G Cotton Reels as they are also often referred to as, are designed to fit the Kawasaki ZXR400. These motorcycle bobbins have inserts that thread directly in to each side of the lower swinging arm so that the bobbins can be fitted. A fork type paddock stand can then be used to lift the back of the bike up squarely, safely and sturdily allowing routine maintenance such as chain lubrication and adjustment to be carried out.


These R&G Bobbins also have the added benefit of adding another and sacrificial point of contact in a fall offering some crash protection. The R&G Crash Protectors for Kawasaki ZXR400 are also available for this motorcycle.


To view the pdf for fitting details and instructions click here.