GS GT14B4 Motorcycle Battery


This GS GT14B-4 Battery is a 12 Volt AGM, Absorbent Glass Matt, Motorcycle Battery which is factory activated, sealed for life and features V.R.L.A., Valve Regulated Lead Acid, technology making it Maintenance Free, MF. The battery terminal connections, i.e screws and nuts, are included


As with all motorcycle Batteries for the best result they should be charged with an intelligent Motorcycle Battery Charger, especially when the battery is not being used constantly, ideally with an Optimate Charger such as the Optimate 2 or the Optimate 3.


This GS GT14B4 is designed as the following;


HYOSUNG GV650, SE Motorcycle Battery, 2009 to 2012 models

Hyosung ST7 Motorcycle Battery, 2010 models and onwards


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Yamah XVS1100 V Star motorcycle Battery, 1999 to 2009 models

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Yamaha MT-01 Motorcycle Battery, 2005 models and onwards

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