Givi UT802 Waterproof Backpack 35 Litre

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The Givi UT802 Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack is made of Heavy-Duty Tarpaulin and PVC which allows superior water resistance to the main compartment, other features of this backpack include a 35L capacity, Internal Pocket, Retaining clip fastener, and Reflective inserts.


The Givi UT802 Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack is made from Heavy-Duty Tarpaulin and PVC to provide complete water and extreme condition resistance of the main compartment. For comfortability the Givi UT802 features an Ergonomically padded shoulder straps which are adjustable, a fixed waist strap and a chest strap which they are both adjustable to allow a safe, secure and comfy fitment which prevents strains on your shoulders under a heavy load, the chest strap is also height adjustable to fit the taller or shorter person.

Benefits and features of the Givi UT802 Waterproof Backpack include;

  • Heavy-Duty Tarpaulin/PVC
  • 35 Litre Capacity
  • IP 65 waterproof: resistant to both heavy rain and extreme conditions
  • Reflective print for greater visibility
  • Waterproof roll-up closure system
  • Additional internal zipped pocket
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and ergonomic padding
  • Air vent valve


Specification and Design features;

Givi UT802

Givi UT802