Givi TN5108OX Engine Guards BMW R1200 GS 2013 on

£279.50 £251.55

The Givi TN5108OX Stainless Steel Engine Guard Kit is designed specifically for the BMW R1200GS  2013 to 2018 to offer an additional point of contact preventing damage to the crankcases and body work, as well as the costs and inconvenience, that would normally be sustained in even the lightest of mishaps.


These Givi TN5108OX Engine Guards BMW R1200 GS 2013 on models are made from 25mm diameter, 2 mm thick, stainless steel tubing designed to reduce any serious damage to engine casings, cylinder heads and plastic panels in a fall, making them ideal for touring, adventure riding and everyday use. For the 2016 models and onward the Givi TN5108KIT is also required which comprises of two supports and additional fittings. For additional protection the Givi RP5112 Aluminium Sump Guard and Oil Filter Cartridge Protector, the Givi PR5108 Stainless Steel Radiator Guard and the Givi PH5108 Aluminium Cylinder Protectors are available.  The two engine guards, the two support brackets, the instructions and all the necessary fittings are included. Due to the close tolerances it is advised that these Givi Engine Guards should be fitted by a competent mechanic.


To view the pdf instructions and details please click here.