Givi ST603B Tanklock Motorcycle Tank Bag 15 Litre

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This Givi ST603B Tanklock Motorcycle Tank Bag 15 Litre, replacing the Givi ST603, is expandable and held in place using the Givi Tanklock System for easy placement, removal and access to the petrol filler cap.

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This Givi ST603B Tanklock Motorcycle Tank Bag 15 Litre, part of the Givi Sport-T Tanklock Bag Range, is convenient and versatile designed to store light personal belongings such as sun glasses, wallet, credit cards, passports etc. Easily fitted and removed at the push of a lever, to gain access to the fuel cap, this latest Givi ST603 Tankbag will require a Motorcycle Specific Tanklock Fitting Kit, or Flange  to be fitted to the petrol tank filler cap outer ring. As there is a port fitted in to the front of this Givi Tanklock Tank Bag electronic devises such as a mobile phone, sat nav etc can be powered up by the motorcycle electrics by using the Givi S111 12 Volt Power Hub USB combined with either the Givi S110 12 Volt Power Outlet Socket or the Givi S112 12 Volt Power Connection. Please note that this Givi ST603 will not fit in combination with the Givi BF24 Tank lock Flange, i.e. the Yamaha YSR700.


Benefits and features of this Givi ST603B Tanklock Tank Bag includes;


  • Semi Rigid and Thermoformed
  • Made from EVA with a durable 600 Denier Guzy outer
  • Expandable to 15 Litre capacity
  • Port hole to accept Power Hub accessories for electonic devices
  • Fixed handle for easy transportation
  • Transparent window and internal pocket for a Smart Phone
  • GPS Integrated
  • UV resistant ib accordance with ISO 4892-2, 2013
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap included
  • External waterproof Zip closure
  • Highly reflective inserts in the sides
  • Zip closures with safety lock
  • UV Tested


Specifications, design and technologies featured;