Givi S110 12 Volt Power Outlet Socket


The Givi S110 is a 12 volt power connector designed to fit directly on to the battery to supply power to the handlebars or to a tank bag. This lead will then enable a range of connectors, including the Givi S111 and the Givi S112 electrical cables, to be fitted to power up electronic devices including sat navs and mobile phones.


This Givi S110 12 Volt Power Outlet Socket is designed to supply power from the Motorcycle Battery up to the handlebars or to a tank bag. This small Outlet Socket can then be connected to a either a Givi S111 Power Hub USB or to a Givi S112 Power Connection to power up electronic devices such as mobile phones and sat navs. A waterproof socket cover, the instructions, an adhesive mount, a cable tie, a 12 volt powerlead with an in line fuse holder, and a 10 Amp fuse, are supplied. The total cable length is approximately 140 cm and can be used to feed power in to a variety of Givi Motorcycle Tank Lock Bags as well as Givi Universal Motorcycle Tank Bags.

To view the pdf instructions and details please click here.

Benefits and features of this Givi S110 Power Outlet Socket includes;

  • Designed to fit onto the battery electrical connectors
  • Fitted with an in-line fuse
  • 140 cm total length
  • Fully waterproof with waterproof cover, when not in use
  • Adhesive connector holder included
  • Small power port
  • Designed to connect to the Givi S111 or the Givi S112

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