Givi PLXR691 V35 V37 Pannier Holders BMW K1200R K1300R


These Givi PLXR691 Rapid Release Monokey Side Case Holders, which are specifically designed for the V35 or Givi 37 Monokey panniers, are manufactured to fit the BMW K1200R, 2005 to 2008 models, and the BMW K1300R, 2009 models and onward. Being Rapid Release these pannier holder tubular frames can be quickly removed to put your motorcycle back to its original appearance.


These Givi PLXR691 V35 V37 Pannier Holders BMW K1200R K1300R; K1200R 2005 to 2008 and the BMW K1300R 2009 to 2016 models, are designed to accept any pair of Givi MONOKEY SIDE Panniers such as the Givi V35 or Givi V37 Panniers. The Givi SRA690 Rear Monokey Carrier is also available for the fitting of a Givi Monokey Top Box or Case. The Givi PLXR fitting system allows easy attachment of the side holders for V35 panniers or removal of the entire side case holders to return the motorcycle to its original looks by using the special Givi tool, which is provided. All Givi PLXR systems are designed to be used with a padlock to improve security. Please note that the original indicators need moving from their original position. The Rapid Release Pannier Rails, instructions and all the necessary fittings are included.

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