Givi PLX3111 V35 Pannier Holders Suzuki SV650 2016 on

£148.50 £133.65

These Givi PLX3111 Monokey Side case Holders are specifically designed for the Suzuki SV650, 2016 models and onwards, enabling any pair of Givi V35 or Givi V37 Panniers to be fitted, and removed, quickly and easily.


These Givi PLX3111 V35 Pannier Holders Suzuki SV650 2016 on, are designed to accept any pair of Givi MONOKEY SIDE Panniers such as the Givi V35 or Givi V37 Panniers. These Pannier rails are designed to be fitted only in combination with the Givi 3111FZ Monorack Arms which will accept a Givi Plate and in turn a suitable Givi Top Box or Givi Case. The Givi PLX fitting system is a new range of metal tubular side-case holders which enable fins of the case to be quickly connected to the holder and enable a secure fastening. The ergonomic design enhances the motorcycle profile and its simple structure allows quick and easy assembling and disassembling. Please note the original indicators require moving from their original position all the necessary instructions and fittings are included.

To view the pdf instructions and details please click here.

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