Givi OBK42A Trekker Outback Monokey Top Case 42 Litre Aluminium

£302.40 £272.16

Givi Trekker Outback Monokey Trekker Outback Top Case, in anodised aluminium finish, has a 42 Litre capacity which will easily accept a Full Face or a Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet. Designed to fit on to any Givi Monokey Plate, ideally matched to Givi Outback Trekker side Panniers and cases, this top box has a flat top allowing even more storage space on top of the lid which can be tied down using the the hoop or bar mounts.


This Givi OBK42A Trekker Outback Monokey Top Case 42 Litre Aluminium has numerous accessories that can be added for even more versatility and storage solutions including a specific Givi T511 Waterproof Inner Bag (allowing the contents to be removed leaving the top case in position) and a Givi E157 Polyurethane back rest (for improved pillion comfort) or a Givi STF500S Thermos Flask and its Givi E162 thermal flask support.


Benefits and features of this Givi 42 Litre Monokey Top Box includes;


  • 42 Litre internal storage capacity, will easily fit a motorcycle helmet
  • Fits on to any Givi Monokey Plate
  • Matches the Givi Outback Trekker Side Panniers
  • Anodised Aluminium finish, robust and hard wearing
  • Easily locked in to position or removed using the Givi Monokey system
  • Lid can be opened or closed independently to the top box locking system
  • Numerous Givi accessories available
  • 2 Keys supplied



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Specifications and design features of this 42 Litre Top Case;



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