Givi EX1SRA Extendable Plate 6KG


This Givi EX1SRA Extendable Plate 6KG fits directly to the SRA series monokey plates and has a carry capability of upto 6kg or roll bags with a capacity from 30L to 50L. The expandable plate is simple to attach and it can be fitting within moments.


The Givi EX1SRA Extendable Plate 6KG is made from 3mm laser cut aluminium offers a sturdy and flat base for larger soft luggage rolls. Easily adjusted for width, from 413mm to 513mm by using the four upper bolts the Givi Extendable Aluminium Plate is designed to be fitted onto the Givi SRA series luggage rack plates (this can be done by removing the Givi Monokey receivers which are the two rear pins and the front clamp). In addition this Extendable Rack will also fit the latest Givi M8A and the Givi M8B Aluminium Monokey Plates. The Givi EX1SRA then simply fits directly to the available mounting points and soft luggage can be held in place by suitable straps such as the Givi S350 Trekker Luggage Straps or the shorter Givi S351 Trekker Luggage Straps.


Benefits and features of the Givi EX1SRA Extendable Plate 6KG include;

  • Max Load – 6kg
  • Width when expanded – 510mm
  • Width when closed – 410mm
  • Suitable for luggage with a capacity of 30 to 50lts
  • Construction – 3mm Aluminium
  • Fixing screws included