EBC HH 2 pairs of Front Brake Pads for Honda CBR900 Evolution Blade


These 2 sets of EBC FA95 HH Motorcycle Front Brake Pads are for the Honda CBR900 Evolution Blade 1999 models and are the direct replacement for the Original Equipment Motorcycle Front Brake pads offering improved braking performance and stopping power.


EBC Double-H Motorcycle Brake Pads are made in the U.S.A. and are considered to be the leading manufacturer of high performance Motorcycle Brake Pads, offering outstanding Brake performance in all weather and riding conditions. EBC HH are Full Sintered Motorcycle Brake Pads made from Copper Alloys to give maximum stopping power without compromising longetivity and warm up time whilst giving extremely high resistance to brake fade making them ideally suited for both road and trackday use. EBC HH Motorcycle Brake Pads are supplied with stainless steel backing plates, where appropriate, for Brake Calipers that do not have built in piston insulators to reduce heat transfer.