Branded Biker Ride Recommended Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning Kit


The Branded Biker Ride Recommended Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning Kit is designed to be carried in your pocket, top box or panniers. Clear vision is paramount, especially in poor weather conditions. With regularly cleaning and maintaining the Visor will last longer and give better clarity. All the contents are CFC and Petrochemical free which means that these products are safe to use on all helmets, visors and plastic components.


This Branded Biker Ride Recommended Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning Kit has been designed to give everything that you would need to maintain your helmet and visor in tip top condition to improve your ride and vision and is ideal especially when touring.

Branded Biker Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning Kit compact contents:

Shift-It Helmet & Visor Cleaner 50ml – Removes insects and road grime, leaving a streak-free finish. Continued use helps repels rain from the visor.
Shift-It Helmet Polish 50ml – Non-abrasive blend of natural and synthetic waxes that protects the outer lacquer against abrasive dust, UV rays and general road grime.
Shift-It Visor Wipes x4 – For the ultimate convenience, they can be used on any journey, carried even in the smallest pocket and yet enough cleaning power to shift even the most stubborn insects and road grime.
Shift-It Polishing Cloth x2 – Specially selected because as well as being lint-free, it can be washed when it gets grubby and re-used time and time again. It is suitable for use with the full range of Shift-It products.
Shift-It Grime Buster – ideal for removing stubborn insects and grime from the visor and helmet (not advised for Iridium or mirrored finish surfaces).

Please note; Contents may vary. To save space and weight not all the contents need necessarily be carried at the same time. The Shift-It Grime Buster is not advised to be used on an iridium or mirrored visor as some coatings are not scratch resistant, please try a small test area first.
The Branded Biker Cleaning Kit is free with all current collection Motorcycle helmets purchased from Branded Biker or J and B Motorcycles.

What the Press said about the Branded Biker Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning Kit;

Ride Magazine voted this kit as =2nd, Testers Notes;

“This is a comprehensive pack for the price, comprising a 50ml pump-action spray bottle of helmet/visor cleaner, a 50ml bottle of helmet polish, four visor wipes in individual sachets, two polishing cloths, a sponge and a pack to carry it all in.

The cleaning products are all made by Shift-It (featured separately) but the package has been put together by Branded Biker and carries the firm’s logo on the carrying case. Branded Biker supply one of these kits free of charge to anyone buying a helmet, but they can be bought separately for £11.99 which is pretty good value as the individual items add up to £11.41, and that’s without the handy carrying case. The official Shift-It product line no longer offers a carrying case so this could be the ideal solution if you like Shift-It cleaners but prefer to have them all in one handy little pack.”




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