Arai SAI Proshade Visor System


This Arai SAI Pro Shade Visor System, which includes the Max Vision Pinlock ready Visor, is the latest solution to sun glare from the Japanese Factory. Arai’s continual commitment to safety has resulted in the development of any external sunvisor as they believe that the helmet would be compromised, in an impact, if it had an internal sun visor.


This revolutionary sun Visor is ready to fit on to any Arai Motorcycle Helmet, using a SAI Visor system, and can be easily operated with one hand, without affecting the performance of the helmet, allowing it to be used as a sun visor or as a peak.


Benefits and features of this Arai Pro-shade SAI Max Vision Visor includes;


  • Complete system which includes Visor and Pro Shade external Sun Visor
  • Enhanced aerodynamics to cut down wind noise and turbulence in any position
  • Improved helmet stability
  • Removable peak, easier to clean
  • Fits all Arai full face motorcycle helmets using the SAI Visor System


Fits the following Arai Motorcycle Helmets;


  • Arai RX7GP
  • Arai Quantum ST
  • Arai Quantum (not e or f)
  • Arai Rebel
  • Arai Chaser V (not Chaser)
  • Arai Axces 2 (not Axces)