Arai SAI Max Vision Pinlock Visor Insert Protectint


The Arai SAI Max Vision Pinlock Visor Insert Protectint is anti-fog and light reactive, changing from clear to light tint in seconds. Pinlock Max Vision Anti Fog Inserts fits neatly in to the recess within the visor giving optimum fog free vision in all lights as it darkens in direct sun light and goes clear at night.


This Arai SAI Max Vision Pinlock Visor Insert Protectint is light reactive and changes from clear to light smoke in a matter of seconds. Ideally suited for touring, commuting and everyday this Pinlock Protectint anti fog visor insert is designed to fit easily into the standard Arai Pinlock Max Vision SAI Visor as fitted on the latest Arai Debut Motorcycle Helmets and its predecessors including the Arai Acess 3. In addition to its anti fog and light reactive properties this Pinlock Insert has Brow vent cut outs and is fitted with a full silicone bead. Pinlock and Arai Helmet have worked together to produce this unique Visor, called Max Vision, which is unlike any anti fog system; this insert fits neatly in to this recess so as not to catch the rubber trim or fittings and doesn’t require any further adjustment. Pinlock Max Vision inserts use a moisture resistant plastic along with an air gap that is formed between the Max Vision Visor and the insert to ensure clear anti fog vision whatever the weather. As this clear Max Vision insert has a soft Silicone bead around the insert; the visor insert can be removed for cleaning or replaced very easily. Clean only with luke warm water and allow the insert to naturally air dry before reinstalling.

Please note that this insert will only fit Pinlock MAX VISION SAI Visors.