Arai Profile V Motorcycle Helmet Patch Red


This Arai Profile V Motorcycle Helmet Patch Red is extremely comfortable and protective designed for a diverse range of motorcycling including, sports, touring and commuting. The larger aperture at the base offers easy fitting and removal and the visor, and its fitting, uses the latest VAS V, Variable Axis System, for wider vision and removal. A new removable and washable Antimicrobial interior offers a close and comfortable fit and the Arai Free Flow System (FFS) venting system drastically reduces wind noise whilst maintaining a fresh flow of air.



The Arai Profile V Motorcycle Helmet Patch Red is the latest hand made motorcycle helmet from the Japanese factory offering uncompromising protection, comfort and quality with a multitude of size adjustments and fittings for that perfect fit. The 5mm larger and more relaxed opening, as compared to all other Arai Helmets, makes it easier to put on and take off making it ideal for touring, commuting, despatch riding, etc.

The R75 Shape Outer Shell is a Super Fibre Laminate (SFL) construction and this  offers an improved “glance off” performance over other outer shells by dispersing the energy rather than sending force directly into the helmet in an accident.

The latest generation of Pinlock VAS-V Max vision Visors is fitted as standard and a Arai VAS V Max Vision Pinlock Visor Insert is included; the light reactive anti fog Arai VAS V Max Vision Pinlock Visor Insert Protectint is also available and for touring the Arai VAS V Pro Shade Visor System can be fitted.

The Arai Profile V has a removable interior, cheek pads and ear cups which are made from an Antimicrobial material giving a cleaner helmet interior use after use. 

Benefits and Features of this Arai Profile V Motorcycle Helmet Patch include;

  • Super Fibre Laminate Construction (SFL)
  • Variable Axis System (VAS)
  • Bend White, Black, Grey finish
  • Free Flow System (FFS)
  • Fitted with a Clear Arai Vas-V Max Vision Visor
  • supplied with an anti-fog Clear Arai VAS V Max Vision Pinlock Visor Insert
  • “Glance off” Performance
  • Multiple inlet vents and exhaust vents; top centre vent, brow vents, neck exhaust vent, one piece rear exhaust vent and side exhaust vents
  • Three position chin vent
  • Aerodynamic fixed chin spoiler
  • Interior Antimicrobial Liner material
  • Replaceable Cheek Pads, Ear Cups and Interior
  • Speaker Pockets
  • Facial Contour System (FCS)
  • 5mm “Peel Away” ear cups and cheek pads
  • Thinner centre pad for more room in the front area
  • Breath Guard
  • ECE 22-05
  • Arai R75 Shape
  • Double ‘D’ ring fastening system ensures correct strap tension at all times
  • Arai 5 Year warranty
  • Arai 5 year free servicing and support.
Arai Profile V Motorcycle Helmet Patch Red Size Chart;


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