WD40 Dual-Action Smart Straw 420ml


WD40 Dual-Action Smart Straw, in a 420ml Aerosol, is a multi purpose cleaner and protectant that displaces moisture and lubricates moving parts and mechanisms.

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WD40 named after 40 manufacturing attempts as a water diperser for NASA. WD40 is primarily a water disperser but has other benefits in that it leaves a protective barrier against the elements which prevents oxidisation. WD40 is extremely good at cleaning old chain lubricant off wheels and leaves a clean shiny surface.
The new WD40 Smart Straw has a dual action spray head. The straw can be used to give a powerful controlled jet to penetrate stubborn mechanisms or the straw can be lowered to give a wide jet for coverage. WD 40 is ideally suited to removing chain lube from Motorcycle Wheels and leaves a shiny water repellant surface.