Silkolene Pro 4 Plus 5W 40 Motorcycle Racing Engine Oil 4L


Silkolene Pro 4 Plus 5W-40 Motorcycle Racing Engine Oil, is a fully Synthetic 4 Stroke Engine Oil designed for both road and track use. This highly technical Motorbike Oil has been developed and tested in World and Superbike Championships ensuring long term performance and protection as proven in race condition.


This Silkolene Pro 4 Plus 5W 40 Motorcycle Engine Racing Oil, in a 4 Litre bottle, is a fully synthetic Ester based Racing oil developed to increase power and engine performance whilst offering optimum reliability. Pro 4 has been developed and tested extensively in World and National Superbike competitions. The exceptional film strength provides outstanding surface protection, from start-up to maximum output in all ambient conditions. Pro 4 Plus has long-term performance retention and has exceptional stay-in-grade characteristics even under race conditions. The advanced synthetic esters provide exceptional film strength and outstanding wear protection, from the vital few seconds before full lubricant flow is achieved, up to the engine’s maximum operating temperature. Silkolene Pro 4 Plus 5W 40 is the ultimate fully synthetic ester based engine oil for racing and competition use.