Silkolene Light Gear Motorcycle Oil 1L


This Silkolene Light Gear Oil, 1 Litre, is an advanced specification gear and transmission fluids formulated for use in high performance 2 stroke Motorcycle gearboxes that are used in competition and on the road. This Light Gear Oil is suitable for both dry and wet clutches, where the clutch and gearbox share the same oil, offering smoother and cleaner gear changes.


This Silkolene Light Gear Motorcycle Oil, in a 1 Litre bottle, contains surface-active and extreme pressure components that protect transmission parts especially designed for severe shock load conditions. Silkolene L.G.O., Light Gear oil, offers outstanding long life wear resistance, reduces viscous drag and friction ensuring smooth and slick gear changes. Ideal for 2 stroke internal gear boxes with wet or dry clutches.



GL-3, GL-4 for motorcycle applications only

SAE 75/SAE 80 Gearbox

SAE 10W-40 Crankcase