Pinlock Max Vision Visor Arai SAI Clear with Brow Vents


This Pinlock Clear Max Vision Visor, with Brow Vents, is fitted as standard on the Arai Quantum, in its last year of production, and also on the Arai Quantum ST which it replaced. This visor will fit all the latest Arai Full Face Motorcycle Helmets with wide vision apertures, known as SAI.


This Pinlock Max Vision Clear Visor, for better peripheral vision as compared to the original SAL type visor, is recessed allowing a Max Vision Pinlock Insert to be fitted for fog free riding in all weather and riding conditions.


This Max Vision Visor will fit the following Arai Motorcycle Helmets;


  • Arai RX7GP
  • Arai RX7RC
  • Arai Quantum (not E or F models)
  • Arai Rebel
  • Arai Quantum ST
  • Arai Quantum ST Pro
  • Arai Chaser V
  • Arai Axces 2