Pinlock Anti Fog Insert Arai Tour X Dark Smoke


Pinlock Anti Fog Insert, in Dark Smoke, is designed to fit all Arai Tour X Adventure Motorcycle Helmets fitted with a Pinlock Ready Visor. This Black Insert offers fog free vision when riding off road or touring especially in bright sunshine.


This Pinlock Visor insert, in Dark Smoke, uses a moisture resistant plastic, along with an air gap that is formed between the Arai Visor and this Pinlock insert, to ensure clear anti fog vision in bright but changeable riding conditions.The Pinlock insert is held in place by the two adjustable eccentric pins on the inside of the Arai visor. As this Pinlock insert has a soft Silicone bead running around the outside, this visor insert can be removed for cleaning and replaced very easily. Clean only with luke warm water and allow the insert to naturally air dry before reinstalling.

Fits all Pinlock Ready Arai Tour X, Arai Tour X2, AraiTour X3 and Arai Tour X4 Pinlock Ready visors.

Note: The tour X Visor is not included. The image is for illustration purposes only.