Petseal Ultra Motorcycle Petrol Tank Sealant 260ml


This Petseal Ultra Sealant is the original and the best to repair leaking Motorcycle Petrol Tanks caused by corrosion. This 2 part mix will seal the Petrol Tank from the inside and prevent further corrosion and stop rust from entering the carburretors or fuel injection system.


Petseal Ultra is really simple to use and affective against corrosion and leaking petrol tanks. After emptying the old fuel and corrosion out of the tank; simply add the hardener with the sealant  and swill around the Fuel Tank to fill pin holes and to stop loose rust from entering the fuel system. Comes in a 260ml can which is suitable for small to medium sized tanks. Two lots of Petseal will be required for larger Petrol Tanks.

Benefits and Features of Petseal Ultra Motorcycle Petrol Tank Sealant include;

  • Simple to use
  • Will seal and prevent further corrosion from the inside out
  • Short curing time