O57 Optimate MV Agusta Battery Terminal Connector


The O57 Optimate battery terminal connection is MV Agusta specific, designed to fit on to the fly lead connection that is fitted under the seat on later MV Agusta Motorcycles. This specific battery lead saves having to remove the seat when the battery requires charging and offers a 12 volt supply for Optimate accessories enabling electronic devices to be charged easily.


This O57 Optimate MV Agusta Battery Terminal Connector, is designed to fit onto the MV Agusta 12 Volt battery terminal connection which is fitted on recent MV Agusta Motorcycles (rather than using an eyelet battery terminal connection such as the O01 Optimate battery Terminal Connection SAE71). This terminal connection will then enable easy connection to an Optimate Battery Charger (so that the seat doesn’t require removing) and offer an easy connection to a variety of Optimate accessories to power up electronic devices.