O40 Optimate Panel Mount Socket M18


The O40 Optimate SAE Panel Mount Socket is designed to connect into a SAE power connection and then mounted in a 5 mm panel to give a waterproof and reliable SAE connection for various SAE connectable electrical devises.


This O40 Optimate Panel Mount Socket M18 is a weatherproof panel mounted SAE Power point.  The connection body is designed to fit into a 5 mm panel with a 18 mm pre-drilled hole offering easy connection for SAE electrical/electronic devises. This innovative heavy duty SAE connection system can be connected into a SAE Power outlet to give a reliable and waterproof connection. This lead is very similar to the Optimate O20 SAE Panel Mount Socket which is for a 25mm hole with a 30 cm lead where as this Optimate O40 Socket is for a 18 mm hole and is 100 cm long.