O108 Optimate SAE to USB Charger


The O108 Optimate SAE to USB Charger is designed to plug into a SAE power lead enabling a variety of USB electrical devises to be charged or powered up. This Optimate O108 Charging Unit is supplied with a 2 metre cable and fixing tabs so that it could be secured, by tie wraps, into a secure position on your motorcycle.


This O108 Optimate SAE to USB Charger has a SAE connection which can be connected to a SAE 12 Volt power supply such as an O01 Optimate Battery terminal Connector which will enable safe USB charging and/or power to compatible electronic devises such as a mobile phone, Sat Nav, intercoms, iPhone, camera, Ipad, etc. The charger unit has an auto cut off if the DC supply drops below 12.4 Volts to prevent total battery discharge and is Apple, Garmin and Blackberry compatible.