NGK BPR7ES Motorcycle Spark Plug


The NGK BPR7ES Motorcycle Spark Plug features; a solid copper core, projected centre electrode insulator, sealing washer, aluminate silicate insulator and anti flash-over ribs ensuring reliability , durability and easier starting. NGK Spark Plugs are designed to transfer a high intensity electrical discharge across the spark plug gap producing enough heat energy to ignite the air and fuel mixture.


This NGK BPR7ES Spark Plug fits the following Motorcycles;

BSA Gold SR 500 1999 on

MONTESA MH200 (Honda Engine) 200
MONTESA 310 250

YAMAHA XV535/S/DX (Virago) 04/88 to 01/04
YAMAHA XJ750 (SECA) 750 04/82 to 11/84
YAMAHA XS750 (C, D, E, SE) 05/80 to 07/82
YAMAHA XV750 Virago 02/92 to 1996
YAMAHA XV1000SE 1000 03/86 to 1988
YAMAHA BT1100 Bulldog 11002002 to 10/06
YAMAHA XV1100 Virago 110002/89 to 1998
YAMAHA XVS1100/A Drag Star / Classic 1100 1999 on