Givi SR6700M Monolock Rear Rack Aprilia Dorsodura 1200

£125.90 £113.31

This Givi SR6700M Rear Rack is designed specifically for the Aprilia Dorsodura 1200, 2010 models and onwards, enabling a variety of Givi Monolock Top Boxes to be fitted, and removed quickly and easily at the press of a button.


This Givi SR6700M Monolock Rear Rack Aprilia Dorsodura 1200 models is designed to accept any Monolock rear top box or case as well as offering a sturdy base for soft luggage. The supports, the instructions, the Givi M5M Monolock Plate and all the necessary fittings are included. A maximum of 6kgs is advised. The Givi TE6700 Easylock Pannier Holders are also available to give a firm and secure fitting for additional Soft panniers, such as the Givi 3D600 Easylock Panniers. Please note that the rear panel requires drilling and the original Pillion Grab Rails need to be removed as a new set are included within this kit.


To view the PDF instructions and details please click here.