Arai Snell Approved Motorcycle Helmets


Arai constantly strive to offer the most protective, comfortable and durable motorcycle helmets on the market. All Arai motorcycle helmets exceed the latest EC standards and are the first Helmet manufacturer to have both the ECE standard and the Snell standard.


The Snell test differs in severity as compared to the ECE 2205 test and requires a second impact to the same point to make sure that there is still substantial impact energy absorbtion. In addition the Snell test requires a drop test on a ‘kerbstone’ surface rather than a hemisphere which is regarded as 50% to 100% more severe than in the ECE R22-05 test. Furthermore Snell Approval requires a shell penetration which but is not required in the current EC standards. By combining the ECE Regulation 22-05 and SNELL M2010 Arai have set a true benchmark in helmet technology. For further information on Arai and Snell Motorcycle Helmet testing; Arai Europe