Arai Multiple Density Inner Shell


The Arai Multiple Density Inner Shell is a unique one piece Cell designed to smoothly absorb impact energy. Arai have pioneered the way by using up to five different densities of EPS, Expanded PolyStyrene, to protect your head against different and multiple impacts.

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As Motorcycle Helmets are not perfectly round any impact to the outer shell will be affected by the surface area and its direction. Arai have designed the outer shell to be as round as possible, smooth and rigid to dissipate forces around the shell rather than through it. With this in mind the EPS Inner Shell has different densities to absorb any impact forces that are transmitted.

The EPS Inner Shells differ from one Arai helmet range to another but in general the Front of the helmet (which has a small surface area) has a harder Density EPS, the Top (with a large surface area) is a soft density EPS and the Sides have a medium density EPS.