Arai LRS Lever Release System


Arai L.R.S., Lever Release System, is designed so that the Visor can be removed and replaced easily in seconds without the necessity of tools. This unique system means that the Arai side pods do not need to be removed other than to clean the base plates or to adjust the visor position.


To remove the visor, simply lift the visor to its top position which will allow a lever on either side to protrude from under the side pod. Simply push the lever upwards whilst lifting the visor allowing it to pull out from its location. Repeat the process for the other side and the visor will lift out freely. To put the visor back in to position it is easier to put the left side in first, especially for later SAI visors. The visor has a round cut out in the top corner which needs to be located first, then close the visor so that it locates in to the lower mechanism, Repeat the process for the other side.