Motorcycle Clothing Tips

Keep your clothing dry

No matter how waterproof your panniers or rucksack are meant to be, you can guarantee they will leak at the worse possible moment. Put you clothing and personals into bin liners before putting them into your luggage.


Do your gloves stink?

With everyday riding your hands sweat and after a little time the gloves begin to hum. It is the bacteria ‘living’ off your sweat that causes the smell. Easy remedy – kill the bacteria. Put the gloves into a sealed bag, and then place these into the freezer. The cold will kill the bacteria and they won’t smell for a while.


Wear tights, keep warm

Ladies tights under clothing may seem odd – unless you are a lady. But they do keep you amazingly warm during the winter months. If you’re a man don’t tell your friends!


Plastic bags – waterproofs

It can be really difficult to put waterproofs on over your jeans or leathers as they snag especially when wearing motorcycle boots. Putting plastic bags over your boots then ‘slide’ your waterproofs over and then remove the plastic bags.


Plastic bags keep the rain out!

Putting your feet into plastic bags before putting your boots on will keep your feet dry even in the most torrential rain; but your feet will sweat more!!


Fluorescent Jacket

It is now a legal requirement in many European countries for you to wear a fluorescent jacket if you breakdown.  This applies to motorcyclists and car drivers etc.                    Julian:  Freelance

Be Seen, Be Safe

It’s not just about hi vis jackets and Sam Browne belts; you could invest in more colourful clothing and a bright design on your new helmet instead of black.  Always ride with your headlight on dipped beam, and concentrate on good road position, make sure you are as visible as possible!                                                                                                           Trev: Ace Moto Training