Autocom Super Pro Automatic Hub Motorcycle Helmet System

Autocom Super Pro Automatic Hub Motorcycle Helmet System for Rider to Pillion and Bike to Bike Radio. The Super Pro Automatic hub system supplied in Kit SP-A is designed for 12 volt bike powered use, providing unlimited duration and ultra high quality and performance. Hi-Fi quality stereo headsets with plug-in true noise cancelling boom microphones, rugged water resistant headset leads and connectors, 5 Aux connections (4 of which are stereo) and options for a single or twin plug-in stereo remote Bluetooth module/s which can connect to between one and four wireless Bluetooth devices.
The innovative logical mixing and automatic control design provides a rider and passenger with seamless integration with various optional audio devices such as; bike to bike radio (some of which can also be bike powered) GPS (including stereo GPS), two or more phones (including stereo phones) two or more stereo music devices, and/or radar detectors etc, simply by selecting the optional parts to suit your specific needs. It is designed and sold this way to save you cost, as to include all possible
parts/options for every potential variation would not be practical or cost effective.

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