Arai Motorcycle Helmets

Arai Motorcycle Helmets, it was in 1950 that Hirotake Arai first developed the manufacturing of motorcycle helmet shells by heat forming resins and fibres. It was in October 1952 that Hirotake started to supply the first Japanese hand made motorcycle helmets to the professional motorcycle scramble racers.
In March 1967 the first Japanese hand made full face motorcycle helmet was introduced to the general public. The company that Hirotake Arai founded is still in the family’s company three generations later.  Hirotake Arai passed away on June 14th 1986 and his son Michio Arai took over his father’s company as the President of Arai Hirotake, Ltd. Michio changed the company name to “Arai Helmet Limited” on 1st December 1986.
Arai’s single-minded devotion with the comfort and safety of riders comes from years of perseverance.  Each Arai Motorcycle Helmet is virtually 100% hand-made, with a unique ‘birth certificate’ and a record kept of every step involved in its manufacturing process, from the outer shell formation to the final test tweak of its air vents.  The community of Arai workers who build the helmet are so involved it’s as if their family name was on the front.  They actually sign with pride the inside of the particular helmet that they create. This is part of the Arai “culture”, honed over those three generations.  It is part of who they are, too.

Every Arai helmet must go through three separate quality-control departments: one after the shell is made; one after painting and graphic completion; and one after assembly. This attention to detail is not performed on every hundredth helmet, or every tenth one, but on every single Arai helmet. It can take up to five years for an employee to earn the right to create an Arai Motorcycle Helmet shell. Each shell can take up to 27 steps and over 20 hours to complete the Arai Helmet. Each step must be to the best of their ability, whether it is being made for a Formula-1 or NASCAR® driver, a commuter rider, a MotoGP racer or an off road rider. It is not easy to build an Arai helmet and even after 50 years, there are still no shortcuts. That is something Mr. Arai makes his employees think about. Arai Motorcycle Helmets are constantly evolving in a changing market but the same hand made and attention to detail remains the same. Arai Motorcycle Helmets include within there range the; Arai RX7 GP, Arai Quantum, Arai Viper GT, Arai Chaser, Arai Astro Light, Arai Tour x, Arai SZ Ram 3, Arai SZ/F, Arai Freeway and the Arai Axces as well as Arai Visors, replacement parts and spares.

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