Wurth Motorcycle Products

Wurth Motorcycle Products are masters in the modern chemical field offerig high quality products that are perfectly suited for the task at hand. Wurth products come highly recomended from all the Branded BIker staff who would not use anything else.
The Würth Group is the life’s work of Professor Reinhold Würth, and one of the outstanding business success stories in post-war German history. Since 1954, the time of rebuilding after the Second World War, he has been turning the two-man business of his father into a worldwide active group of companies with over 400 companies in 86 countries today.
The core business of the Würth Group is the global trade of fixing and assembly materials. Competence, quality and customer service form the foundation of our philosophy. Würth Germany’s range of products for trade and industry now numbers more than 100,000 for the assembly professional. Over five decades Prof. Dr. Reinhold Würth has led the two-man operation, which he took over after the death of his father in 1954, to become among the largest trading companies in Germany. Würth is the right contact for screws, screw accessories, dowels, chemical products, furniture and construction fittings, tools, machines, installation material, automotive hardware as well as storage and retrieval systems.
The requirements of over 3 million customers is always a challenge for Würth employees but having over 30,000 sales representatives worldwide guarantees that we remain close to our customers and can thus provide competent advice and fast delivery. Worldwide more than 65,000 employees strive to deliver solutions to any questions and needs of their customers.
Our Allied Companies, which belong to the Würth Group in terms of capital, but trade under other names, are active in business fields related to those of the Würth Line in terms of their products and markets.
All Würth products are subject to rigorous testing before a product is brought for sale. Where appropriate, products meet or exceed DIN or TüV specifications. The quality philosophy applies not only to product quality, but also to the processes within our company. This is reflected, amongst other things, by our quality management system in which all processes are defined and constantly improved in point of economy and efficiency. Here at Würth UK our quality system meets the standards set by BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

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